1. Harness the strategic value opportunities of blockchain for your financial institution
    Blockchain presents many opportunities for your business. Discover where the strategic value lies both in the long and short term
  2. Benchmark against other blockchain leaders and get information to help you extract value and become a dominant player
    Your organization is counting on you to make the right recommendations on how to use blockchain. Benchmark against trailblazers to set you on the right path.
  3. Gain insights, ideas and knowledge to make the right decisions and investments for your business
    Speak with global experts on blockchain implementation. Identify whether you should bet big or small and understand the long term implications
  4. Understand how blockchain is evolving in financial services and whether you should invest, buy or partner with technology companies
    There are hundreds of fintech companies in blockchain. Identify the right approach for your organization by meeting hundreds of key players at the Summit

  5. Prepare for the blockchain revolution and stay ahead of your competition
    Modernization is happening in financial services. Adapt before your competition to stay ahead before it’s too late



Join thought leaders, experts and professionals from across North America at this unique event.

Financial Institutions

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Collaboration platforms, consultancies and research firms

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