1. Understand why blockchain technology is gaining traction as the new ‘railroad’ of the internet
    The underlying architecture used for cryptocurrency trading has emerged as the ideal technology to facilitate efficient, seamless and secure transactions. Learn how to stay ahead of the competition by adopting this technology.
  2. Gain insight into what success has been achieved with blockchain technology and why incorporating it into your organization will be critical
    Some early adopters have been experimenting successfully with blockchain and have emerged as industry leaders. Benefit from best practices they have discovered to make adoption easier and more cost-effective for your organization.
  3. Educate yourself on the difference between private and public blockchains
    Understanding the different types of blockchain configurations available is critical to finding the best fit for your organization. Learn about the potential of each directly from industry builders to optimize your success.
  4. Deepen your blockchain expertise and contact base
    Leaders of the blockchain transformation understand the value of networking with like-minded peers. Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to advance your connections and stay on the leading edge.
  5. Prepare your organization for a changing regulatory landscape
    The current federal consultation process on Open Banking and the recent regulations on cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies means dynamic changes are ahead. Learn how you will need to advance your strategy to compete in the new world shaping up for financial services.



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